Storyteller: Scott Snyder

Ultimately, with every film I create, I would like to tell compelling story. The best way to tell great story is to submerge myself in great story. So, over the next few days I will be writing a series of posts that share my favorite story tellers.

Scott Snyder



Why I Like Scott

I’ve always been interested in comics, though not enough to read them. I remember going and seeing Tim Burton’s Batman, X-Men, or even Mystery Men (not ‘real superheroes' but it’s a fun movie!) and thinking to myself "I’m a huge superhero fan!" In early 2012 I was talking to a friend of mine (thanks Kevin!) about how I’d like to take my ‘superhero fandom’ even further and really get into a few comics. Without hesitation he told me to check out Batman written Scott Snyder. Instantly, I fell in love with his story telling abilities. For the longest time I never thought Batman was a ‘superhero;’ he was just a guy who had a ton of money! But, through Scott’s storytelling I have come to the conclusion that Batman is the truest ‘superhero.' He’s a normal man, doing super things, and can legitimately get hurt. Thanks Scott, you’ve made a Batman fan out of me for life!

What to Read

Batman (2011-)

Batman #13

Batman #13

The current storyline going on in Batman is ‘Death of a Family’ (starting in Batman #13) where the Joker is back, and is crazier than ever! He has a lot of tricks up his sleeve, and ultimately he wants to kill the Batman and his Family! I haven't been this excited about a storyline since LOST was on TV! So far, this story has had a little bit of everything! A creepy villain, a hero who has personal vendetta against the villain, and a few twists that really keep the story moving forward. I can’t wait to see how it ends! 

Batman is the only title of Scott’s that I have actually read, but I hear fantastic things about his other titles ‘American Vampire’ and ‘Swamp Thing.’ Both are comics, neither are traditional heroes. 

What I’m Excited about


Superman (2013)

Sometime this year, Scott Snyder and Jim Lee (artist) are going to be teaming up for a new Superman title. I don’t know what these guys are going to be doing with Clark, but I know they are going to do some cool things with him - I can’t wait till Supes gets to visit Gotham!

Enjoy! Nick 

My other favorite Storytellers:

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