Storyteller: Ted Dekker

Ultimately, with every film I create, I would like to tell compelling story. The best way to tell great story is to submerge myself in great story. So, over the next few days I will be writing a series of posts that share my favorite story tellers. 




Why I Like Ted

Growing up, I never liked reading. It was never something that I could really get into. Then in my early 20‘s I found a guy by the name of Ted Dekker, and experiencing story through reading came alive! He is known for heart pounding/thought provoking thrillers and fantasy novels. I can honestly say that without discovering Ted, I wouldn’t be nearly as interested in story as I am today!

What to Read

Green, Black, Red, White

Green, Black, Red, White

The Circle Series (Green, Black, Red, White)

This story follows Thomas Hunter who gets shot in the back of the head. When he wakes up we find him in a fantasy world full of bright colors, Roush and Shatiki (big talking bats), and a more primitive lifestyle. When Thomas falls asleep in this fantasy world he wakes up in the real world. The story unfolds as Thomas discovers that the worlds are more connected than he thinks.

Ted also did something pretty interesting with this series. Black, Red, and White were originally released in 2004. In 2009, Green was released and labeled book #0 and is both a sequel to white and a prequel to Black. 

This is the series that I always refer friends to when they’re looking for something to read. It is my favorite by far! And, there are 9 other books set in the same world, so there is plenty of reading to be done!

Forbidden, Mortal, Sovereign

Forbidden, Mortal, Sovereign

The Mortals Series (Forbidden, Mortal, Sovereign [release date 6/13])

Imagine a world where there is world wide peace, and all emotions have been genetically stripped... except for fear. Set in the future in a world where only a faction of the worlds population exists and everyone, while alive, is dead. A special vial of blood is rumored to ‘wake up’ the world, and Rom is entrusted with this special secret.

I have only had a chance to read Forbidden, but by only reading this book I highly recommend this series. 

If you don’t believe that I really like Ted, here’s my collection!


If you’d like other suggestion of his work I recommend Thr3e, Obsessed, Showdown, and Immanuel’s Veins.

Enjoy! Nick

My other favorite storytellers: 

JJ Abrams